Welcome to Anam Foundation for Peace Building

ANAM FOUNDATION was established with the aim of building peaceful communities across the three regions of Ghana. The foundation seeks to achieve this through the promotion and execution of programs and activities that can contribute towards reconciliation and cooperation among the people. ANAM’s core value “Inclusive Participation”, seeks to create a powerful network in partnership with other interest groups such as governmental organizations, academic institutions, local communities and traditional authorities to contribute towards building more peaceful and prosperous communities.

Our programs are tailored to counter the potential for the recurrence of conflicts that often derail efforts to bring sustainable development in the area. The focus of our programs is informed by the admission that poverty and under development fuel the potential to resort to violence. Conflicts do occur across the country, but the case of the three northern regions of Ghana is unique. The area is the least in terms of development in Ghana with poverty evidently depicted on the people, especially in communities where these incidences of conflicts are frequent. The conflict situation impedes investor confidence in the area and holds back job creation. These result in numerous needless deaths and loss of property. The working class, including the youth who can no longer bear the brand of the prevailing threats and economic hardships desert their communities and migrate to the southern parts of the country where they face even more deplorable conditions of survival.

ANAM FOUNDATION is therefore committed to building a multi-sectorial collaborative approach, poised to work with a wide spectrum of partners on specific issues and areas clearly demarcated with attainable benchmarks. Each initiative undertaken by the foundation seeks to explore available opportunities necessary for building a lasting tranquility among the people and raising their living standards. Our all-times dream is to cause a paradigm change that will see to the rapid transformation of the northern part of Ghana.

The following are the thematic areas that the Foundation focuses on in creating opportunities for effective collaboration with other stakeholders.
- Education
- Conflict Resolution
- Service and Development
- Environmental Protection
- Women's Empowerment
- Gender Base Violence

Legal Status

Anam Foundation for Peace Building was officially registered with the Registrar General’s Department under Ghana Companies’ Code 1963 (Act 129) with registration number CG13988.

Our Vision

We are set to be the preferred destination for the promotion of peace and Development, through innovation and by leveraging on the strengths of value driven principles and inclusive participation.

Our Mission

Anam Foundation for Peace Building [AF4PB] exists to provide the requisite platform for stakeholder engagement to facilitate the building of lasting peace and sustainable development in the Northern Regions, and Ghana as a whole.

Our Operating Office

Anam Foundation has its main office in Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana. The office is located on the Tamale industrial street close to the Northern Regional Food Distribution yard.

Geographical Coverage

Anam Foundation currently operates in the three Northern Regions of Ghana with its head office in Tamale and branch offices in Bolga and Wa in the Upper East and West regions of Ghana